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The Three Tricksters
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Trickster Fox "Shaman Fox Maiden" by Susan Seddon Boulet

Stories about tricksters can be found all throughout different genres of folklore. The idea of the trickster is nothing new but has been an effective way to tell or reveal a message. Tricksters in Native American cultures, I believe, are the most interesting characters in any of the stories that are told. They depict not only cunningness but also a mentality that always wants to win.In these stories famous tricksters of different Native American Cultures — Raven, Fox, and Coyote — will find themselves meeting one another and wanting to know who is indeed the ultimate and absolute trickster.

A little background about the characters I have chosen. The first is the Coyote from the Omaha culture. These stories would have originated among the Great Plains region of North America. I chose this Coyote figure because of  the way he carried himself, believing him to be the greatest creature to roam the wilderness. The next character in the story is the Fox. I have chosen to use the Fox character most similar to that found in the Iroquoian culture. The Iroquois people were from Northeast North America and were known to be one of the most powerful tribes. Fox was well known in Iroquoian stories as a playful trickster. The final character I have chosen is the Raven that can be found in many different cultures in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Although the Raven can be found in specific cultures like the Haida, I did not hone in on one specific culture to base by character after. Instead I used the Raven as a representative from the whole region. The Raven has a central theme throughout that region as being the primary character and very powerful. Along with being powerful the Raven is then cunning and smart as well.