Two Against One

Raven waited at his window peaking through the blinds after he had made it back across his yard from his dinner with Coyote. He was sweating with cold chills. Had he just killed a man? He couldn't bare the thought of it so he immediately thought that he must fly down to the drug store to purchase an epipen, in hopes that it might not be too late to save Coyotes life. After all, he had to try somehow to save Coyote or his guilt would overcome him. Raven had only just started to gather his things and head for the door when he heard the doorbell ring.

"Oh, no." thought Raven.

Had someone already found out what had happened? Was I caught running across my yard franticly? Raven reluctantly reached for the door and turned the handle. "Crash!"

Fox came barreling through the door crying, "Raven, Oh God, Raven. You must help me."

Raven acted as if he didn't know what Fox was talking about and asked him, "Why Fox what is the Matter?"

Fox went on to tell him that he had just went to see Coyote for the evening and when he had arrived and entered the house he found his friend lying on the floor motionless. So, he left quickly and came to see Raven to see what he thought he should do because of his known intelligence.

Raven asked, "Well does Coyote have any problems or maybe some kind of allergies that you may know of?"

Fox hesitated being all in a fluster then said, "Yes, Yes! He is very much allergic to peanuts. It puts him in a deep sleep he told me!"

"Well," said Raven, "hurry and run to the corner drug store and buy an epipen and stick him with it as fast as you can!"

Fox immediately went down and did as he was told. Raven all the while went around and locked all his doors and covered his windows in fright of Coyote if he was to live. When Fox stabbed Coyote with the pen, Coyote immediately gasped for air and began breathing heavily. Panting very heavily he looked as his friend and said, "Raven."

That night, as Fox was resting at Coyote's house and Coyote also regaining his strength, Raven was preparing for the worst. He had seen Coyote up and around through the windows of is house and knew that something fierce was going to come. He stayed up all night setting booby-traps and making his home much like a fortress.

The next morning Coyote woke up with vengeance on his mind. He had told Fox what had happened to him and although Fox considered it to be an accident he knew that being Coyotes friend he had to help him take revenge for what Raven had did. They waited till that evening when it was beginning to get dark and when they knew Raven would be home. Coyote and Fox crept across the yard to Raven's house. "We shall first try and catch him off guard." Coyote told Fox. So, they crept to the back door and when they tried to open the door a string connected to the handle released a load of honey from the ceiling and a catapult had thrown a bag full of feathers at them. This left them covered in white feathers! This only enraged them. No one had ever tricked them before and Raven was not going to get away with this one. they hurried to a low large window by the kitchen. With Coyote and Fox on either side of the window they began to try and open it up. They opened it just enough to where they could fit through, but as they were crawling into the room, Coyote brushed the bottom of the window sending it up just enough to where it pressed a release button that sent a large hammer attached to ceiling plunging down at them and plowed them back out the window. At this point the two were so angry they told themselves enough is enough. They kicked down the front door waiting for whatever trap that was to come next went its course. After that they flew down the hallway where they found Raven laying on his bed. The two put a sack on his head and tied him up. They headed to the door, planning to get rid of the bird for good. At that moment they found themselves flooded in lights of red and blue. See, the Raven they had was a stuffed decoy. Nothing more than a doll. Raven had gone that day to the police and told them of this plan and what he believed was going to happen to him that night. The police led by Officer Bear agreed to show up with Raven at that time and caught Fox and Coyote red handed.
Image result for coyote mug shot
Coyote Mug Shot by Kujtafull
From that day on the town was left in peace and Raven was able to live in his home without the scare of having a notorious trickster next door. The two tricksters had found themselves outwitted by the wisdom of Raven.

Author's Notes
This story comes from the original story "Grizzly and Coyote". This Pacific Northwest Native American tale is about a mean Grizzly Bear and a medicine man Coyote. The Grizzly become ill after eating too many Indians and asks Coyote to come and cure him of his illness. Coyote does but finds out why he had become so ill and tells. This enrages the Grizzly and he decides he wants to kill Coyote. Coyote is clever and fast however and changes his form to out smart the Grizzly. At the end of the story the Grizzly is told by the Coyote, disguised as a man with smallpox, to go across a bridge to find Coyote. As the Grizzly does this, the bridge gives out and he dies. I changed the story by making the Grizzly Coyote in my story and making Coyote Raven. Coyote is healed much like the Grizzly was and then goes after the person that had made him ill. Then also much like the story Coyote is outwitted by Raven much like the Grizzly was outwitted by Coyote. I did make it to where Coyote does not die but instead is arrested and put in jail.

Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest, especially of Washington and Oregon, by Katharine Berry Judson (1910).